Author researched The Russian Riddle in Moscow and Rome. Above, he’s at the Vatican archives.

  • Dennis J. Dunn. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dennis J. Dunn graduated from John Carroll University and received a PhD in history from Kent State University.  He taught at Texas State University where he was named a Regents and University Distinguished Professor of History.  His research interests include books on the Catholic Church in Soviet Russia, American-Soviet relations, and the relationship between politics and religion in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  His book entitled Caught Between Roosevelt and Stalin: American Ambassadors in Moscow (1998; Russian ed., 2004) was nominated for the best book on American diplomacy by the American Academy of Diplomacy and was featured on C-SPAN and at the Moscow book Fair.  The Russian Riddle draws upon his deep interest in the history of World War II, the Cold War, the rich Anglo-Hispanic culture of Central Texas, the Catholic Church, and Russia.  During the COVID quarantine, he developed an exercise program for an individual, aged 7 and up, using a basketball (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dunnball/id1518608679).  The American Historical Association featured him in Perspectives on History. See: Matthew Keough, “AHA Member Spotlight Dennis J. Dunn,” Perspectives on History, May 26, 2022, https://www.historians.org/publications-and-directories/perspectives-on-history/may-2022/aha-member-spotlight-dennis-j-dunn. He lives in Texas with his family.

  • About Global Connections Inc.

Global Connections Inc. is the imprint under which Dennis published The Russian Riddle: Stalin’s Deadly Date with Destiny –the first novel in The Posse Series.