The Russian Riddle: Stalin’s Deadly Date with Destiny

Published by Global Connections, Inc.

2021 978-1-7358100-0-3 (paperback) 978-1-7358100-1-0 (ebook) 9781667087078 (retail audiobook) 9781667087078 (library audiobook)

Hi Everyone, I have decided to offer the book in audio format, because of numerous requests. The audio version should be available by mid to late November 2021. Kirkus Review published the following about my book: “The story is full. of intriguing details of the Soviet era; for example, Stalin’s specially made ZIS-115 limousines and the only Catholic Church in Moscow both. play parts in the greater tale. The inclusion of lesser-known historical figures, such as Stalin’s murderous secret policeman Iosif Grigulevich, give the work historical depth….some of the more whimsical plot points add interest, as when a feared Russian fighter is felled easily in a much-promoted contest. The excitement also picks up as Ana runs toward, and not away from, the bloody quagmire of Stalin’s regime, and readers will become invested in whether she will be able to outwit one of history’s most infamous. monsters, even with the help of the U.S. government. An adventuresome tale set in the early days of the Cold War.”–Kirkus Review

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Dennis J. Dunn is an award-winning scholar and author of a new historical fiction novel set against the background of the 1930s, World War II, and the Cold War. He is a retired Regents Professor of history who has written six books, published by leading academic presses, on American-Soviet Relations, the Catholic Church in Russia, and religiously-influenced values.

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