What Ails the West?

National strength and global prowess, whether commercial or military, are directly related to values. As Western Civilization emerged, its values, particularly separation of church and state, were a key to its expansion and helped give rise to the scientific and intellectual revolutions and international order. Today, Westerners are neglecting their values, which stymies creativity, toleration, and change, and promotes division, ignorance, and authoritarianism. The way forward for the West is to water its roots and return to the values that gave birth to global law and order.

Published by dennisjdunn.com

Dennis J. Dunn is an award-winning scholar and author of a new historical fiction novel set against the background of the 1930s, World War II, and the Cold War. He is a retired Regents Professor of history who has written six books, published by leading academic presses, on American-Soviet Relations, the Catholic Church in Russia, and religiously-influenced values.

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