Biden’s Policy on Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine should not be at war. They are neighbors and have a shared history, culture, and destiny. The problem is Russia has not shaken off its communist past and authoritarian government, whereas Ukraine has embraced the future of democracy that the Judaeo-Christian value system, common to both states, encourages. Putin is the past, not the future. The Russians should follow the Ukrainian lead. NATO and Western Europe, under Biden’s leadership, are protecting freedom, rule of law, toleration, and diversity in Ukraine, and simultaneously are encouraging the Russians to abandon the past and move to the future. Together, Ukraine and Russia would be leaders of global democracy. Biden is calling them to their destiny.

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Dennis J. Dunn is an award-winning scholar and author of a new historical fiction novel set against the background of the 1930s, World War II, and the Cold War. He is a retired Regents Professor of history who has written six books, published by leading academic presses, on American-Soviet Relations, the Catholic Church in Russia, and religiously-influenced values.

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