Biden’s Policy on Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine should not be at war. They are neighbors and have a shared history, culture, and destiny. The problem is Russia has not shaken off its communist past and authoritarian government, whereas Ukraine has embraced the future of democracy that the Judaeo-Christian value system, common to both states, encourages. Putin is the past,Continue reading “Biden’s Policy on Russia and Ukraine”

Christianity and Limited Government

Although Christianity could and historically did coexist with any type of political order that provided religious toleration, including monarchies, aristocracies, dictatorships, and democracies, its belief in love of neighbor, human dignity and rights, and separation of church and state predisposed it to advocate for a government that was limited and based upon law, particularly naturalContinue reading “Christianity and Limited Government”

What Ails the West?

National strength and global prowess, whether commercial or military, are directly related to values. As Western Civilization emerged, its values, particularly separation of church and state, were a key to its expansion and helped give rise to the scientific and intellectual revolutions and international order. Today, Westerners are neglecting their values, which stymies creativity, toleration,Continue reading “What Ails the West?”

The Russian Riddle: Stalin’s Deadly Date with Destiny

Published by Global Connections, Inc. 2021 978-1-7358100-0-3 (paperback) 978-1-7358100-1-0 (ebook) 9781667087078 (retail audiobook) 9781667087078 (library audiobook) Hi Everyone, I have decided to offer the book in audio format, because of numerous requests. The audio version should be available by mid to late November 2021. Kirkus Review published the following about my book: “The story is full.Continue reading “The Russian Riddle: Stalin’s Deadly Date with Destiny”


Hi Everyone, I’m just starting to blog because the blogging post appeared. I’ve written a historical fiction novel entitled The Russian Riddle: Stalin’s Deadly Date with Destiny that is set against the backdrop of the interwar years, World War II, and the Cold War. It features a beautiful, creative, and brilliant Mexican-American woman who takesContinue reading “Introduction”