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  • Red Missiles in Cuba. Second novel in The Posse Series.
  • Ukraine and Hope. A future novel in The Posse Series.
  • Novellas featuring 8-year-old Napoleon Bonaparte (no relation to the French emperor) who constantly gets into dangerous jams but somehow escapes and often solves a mystery.
  • Exploring the outdoors and nature for inspiration, relaxation, and spiritual renewal.
  • Improvement of the, which can be found in App Store or GogglePlay.

Biden’s Policy on Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine should not be at war. They are neighbors and have a shared history, culture, and destiny. The problem is Russia has not shaken off its communist past and authoritarian government, whereas Ukraine has embraced the future of democracy that the Judaeo-Christian value system, common to both states, encourages. Putin is the past,…

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Christianity and Limited Government

Although Christianity could and historically did coexist with any type of political order that provided religious toleration, including monarchies, aristocracies, dictatorships, and democracies, its belief in love of neighbor, human dignity and rights, and separation of church and state predisposed it to advocate for a government that was limited and based upon law, particularly natural…

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“What a wonderful book! I was hooked on the first page and never put the book down. It’s a page-turning thriller that abounds with mystery, excitement, wit, humor, memorable characters, and history. When I finished, I shouted and jumped for joy, and didn’t know why. So, I read the book again. I discovered the reason, I think. It’s more than a thriller. It’s philosophy, maybe even a prayer. It touched my soul and made me smile. I think the author is writing not only about the path of history, but also current affairs. The Inspector General is coming for autocrats who torture God’s children, and the judgment will be harsh.” A Wannabe Posse candidate.

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